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What's New?

Several awesome submissions to the BIG Girls on Tour Exploring the World at Large section. Check the new ones out starting here.

Another wild and wooly submission from Texas! Thanks, Sandie!

A revisit to the Selkirk fish by Kathleen!

Margie and the Giant Spam Mascot

Claudia and the Snowman. Sounds like a book title.

Kim's big butt. heh.

Fairchild -- The Minnesota State Gopher and Kimmy!!

Keep the submissions coming in!


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So, you'd like to participate? GREAT!

Here is the criteria for getting your tour photos placed on this site:

  • The "BIG Stuff" must be items that are larger than life or larger than typical. 
    They can be roadside attractions or even just funky trash around your area or on a vacation.  It doesn't matter as long as it is bigger than what is typically found on this Earth.
  • The "BIG Girl" portion is just that. The majority of the humans photographed with the "BIG Stuff" must be female and above a size 14. Thin girls are great, but damn, they have more than enough opportunity to be photographed with things that are bigger than they are. 
  • The "Tour" doesn't have to be more than just one item being photographed with a "BIG Girl". If you do have more than one item photographed, great!  
  • The photos should be *relatively* clear. I can adjust them to a certain extent, but I'm not a magician.
  • I'll need the following information about the "BIG Stuff" when submitting your digital photos. If you don't have exact info, that's fine.: 
    • Name of the "BIG Thing". 
    • Location of the "BIG Thing". 
    • Directions to the "BIG Thing" if you have them. 
    • Name(s) of the "BIG Girl"(s).
    • Any additional comments you might have.
    • Any additional website links about the "BIG Stuff"
  • Got all of that covered? Send your photos and information to cat@catay.com 
  • Note: There is no payment for participating. It's all just in good fun!




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