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What's New?

Several awesome submissions to the BIG Girls on Tour Exploring the World at Large section. Check the new ones out starting here.

Another wild and wooly submission from Texas! Thanks, Sandie!

A revisit to the Selkirk fish by Kathleen!

Margie and the Giant Spam Mascot

Claudia and the Snowman. Sounds like a book title.

Kim's big butt. heh.

Fairchild -- The Minnesota State Gopher and Kimmy!!

Keep the submissions coming in!


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Minnesota Tour #1

The tour that started it all. This all-Minnesota tour was planned intentionally to start off this site. We initially planned to see *all* of the BIG Stuff in northern Minnesota. Fat chance. We spent three days taking these photos and have plans to cover the remainder of the state in the future. 

Minnesota Tour #2 (Includes Manitoba Tour #1)

The second in the grand Minnesota three day excursion tours. 25 tour stops and several detours. 
Watch for the sign to get extra info beyond the tour stops.

Minnesota Tour #3

Four more Minnesota BIG stuff stops!

Minnesota Tour #4

It's a big shot! The world's biggest revolver thanks to Angela!

Minnesota Tour #5

A final look at Brainerd's Paul Bunyan Land's greatest BIG Stuff! A nine stop tour! Thanks Kim!!

Minnesota Tour #6

Three girls and one big Swedish horse in Cloquet! Thanks for the submission!!

Minnesota Tour #7

Twelve BIG stops on this tour. Green Giant and the World's Largest Twine ball* are just two of the fun items.
*built by one man

Minnesota Tour #8
More Minnesota, land of 10,000 big things! Mermaid, mouse, mug and mighty bison. OH, and a Swedish coffee pot for good measure.

Minnesota Tour #9
A wee one stop tour. Prepare to swat!

Minnesota Tour #10
An awesome submission tour from two women in Minnesota who had a parallel idea to the BG/BS tours. They called their tours "Pork Butt and Big Ass Thing Tour." See the first page for more details about how their adventures began.

Minnesota Tour #11
Just a quick stop to see the wondrous Culvert Man.

Minnesota Tour #12
Not a tour, per se, but a selection of Minnesota submissions!




Louisiana Tour #1

Our first submission! YAY! Thank you, Summer!

Louisiana Tour #2

A giant tortoise is the focus of this fun submission. Thank you, Beth!


California Tour #1

A black and white view of a scary T-Rex!
Our second submission. YAY! Thanks again, Summer!

California Tour #2

Two California tour submissions in as many days! YAY!
Thanks, Cleacia!

California Tour #3

A world famous donut and a questionable "big stuff" entry.

California Tour #4

BIG Stuff to see on the way to the Sequoia trees.

California Tour #5

Giant art supplies, decapitated dogs and cement miners! OH MY!

California Tour #6

This is one big mollusk! Thanks goes to Tina & Kris!

California Tour #7

A return to the big miner as seen in tour #5. This time, sexy night shots by Lorri. Thanks for the submission to the site, Lorri!

California Tour #8

Another rush to California. Two of the World's Largest -- a lemon and the thermometer! A random find, too. Check it out!



United Kingdom Tour #1

Our first international submission. The World's Largest Ferris Wheel! YAY! Thanks, Heather!

---> An addition added 4/30/2004 - A tour to one of the earliest examples of  "BIG Stuff" on Earth. Was it built to attract tourists as many other "BIG Stuff?" You be the judge. Thanks for the submission, Kris!


Wisconsin Tour #1

A tour with Kim of some fascinating metal sculptures in Wisconsin...oh, and a fun alligator. YAY! Thanks, Kim!

Wisconsin Tour #2

Put together by WRQT FM 95.7 The Rock Morning Sickness radio show during the April 8, 2004 segment. The Big Girls participation was in response to a request by the show host for volunteers and they are all from the local area around La Crosse, Wisconsin. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!

Wisconsin Tour #3

This is Sparta! (I've been watching too much 300.) It's also another stop at F.A.S.T amongst other things. Check out this seven stop tour!


Kentucky Tour #1

A new submission! Yay! This one is definitely batty. Thanks, Jamie!


Florida Tour #1

A stop off at Universal Studios...

Florida Tour #2

A stop off at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure. Thanks, Suzy!


Georgia Tour #1

A quick tour of stops in Marietta!

Georgia Tour #2

A tour World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. You'll get thirsty just looking at these three stops. Thanks, AnnMarie!


South Carolina Tour #1

South of the Border's finest flamingo... Thanks again to Suzy!

South Carolina Tour #2

Water towers are a constant source of amusement. Is it a giant fruit or a giant...ummm...rear? Something is up in Gaffney, SC! Thanks to Randi for this submission!


  Arkansas Tour #1

Hot Springs and Mountain View's BIG stuff is showcased here. Thanks for this fun submission, guys!


  Virginia Tour #1

Teddy bear? Well, he's not soft and fluffy, but he's the original! Thanks to Brenda for this submission!

  Utah / Nevada Tour #1

On the way to Wendover, NV. Stop 2 is Kinda sorta in Nevada, but it's really a close call.

Utah Tour #2

Just a couple of simple stops in Utah's BIG world.

Utah Tour #3

A lucky break! An elusive find spotted in a storage garage!

Nevada Tour #2

Bears and weapons in Nevada

Nevada Tour #3

There's gold in them thar hills!

Nevada Tour #4

A long missing muffler man found!

Nevada Tour #5

A large naked woman without curves and a gentle giant!

Nevada Tour #6 - Viva Las Vegas!

The ~official~ BG/BS Tour of sin city! 7 stops and 4 big girls! Join us!


  Indiana Tour #1

A moooooving rendition of a cow in Indiana. Thanks, Randi!

  Connecticut Tour #1

This one really tees me off!! Thanks, Deidra!

Connecticut Tour #2

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince! Thanks, Summer!


  Ohio Tour #1

Thanks to Scarlett for this rockin' submission!


  New Jersey Tour #1

A really big pachyderm named Lucy with Randi!

New Jersey Tour #2

Muffler men are turning up everywhere! This time in NJ! Thanks for the new submission, Shari!


  Wyoming Tour #1

A bunch of BIG Boys on this BIG Tour! Lincoln, Buddha and BIG BOY the steam engine. Thanks Kim!


  Quebec Tour #1

A trip over the border to a muffler man with a kinder, gentler face and a very American message.  Thanks Shari!


  Tennessee Tour #1

A three stop tour in the beautifully green state of Tennessee. Fish, ice cream and a guitar. Sounds like a picnic is about to happen.


  Colorado Tour #1

Our first Colorado tour! Featuring beautiful women and the world's largest rocking chair. Thanks for the submission, Sandie!


  Arizona Tour #1

The first Arizona tour! A big guy, a baseball and some wine. Sounds like a typical Saturday night.

  Maryland Tour #1

The first Maryland tour! We were mooo-ved by Gloria's submission. You will be too!

  Texas Tour #1

The first view into the giant state of Texas! There are LOTS of big things in Texas, please  help us by submitting your photos of the big things there. Thanks!

Texas Tour #2

Another view of Texas -- a giant wooly mammoth!  Thanks, Sandie!


  Idaho Tour #1
If you're lucky enough to find yourself in Cottonwood, Idaho, you could spend a night in this Big Dog hotel! Thanks for the submission!
  Manitoba Tour #2
The BIG ducks were migrating early in Manitoba this year. Thanks for the submission!
  Alabama Tour #1
Another state heard from! Straight from the fair to your monitor! Thanks, JB!!


  New York Tour #1
Yet another state heard from! A couple of big things found in Manhattan.  Thanks, Jillian!!


  Alabama Tour #2
Thanks to JB, we've got another view into Alabama!
  Canada Tour #1
A lovely revisit to the Selkirk catfish by Kathleen! Thanks for the submission!

BIG Girls on Tour Exploring the World at Large

We've received several photo submissions which don't *quite* meet the qualifications for "BIG Stuff".  With that being said, I still wanted to include these photos somewhere on the site. It dawned on me a little while ago that I could just include them in their own "Other Tours" section. BIG Girls on Tour exploring the world at large.
(If you've submitted items before and they don't appear, please resubmit! I know I've lost quite a few over the years...)

Do you have photos of BIG GIRLS, BIG STUFF  to share on this site? 
If so, please see the "tour submissions" page for details on how to participate.



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