Minnesota Tour #11


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Nodine, Minnesota

At the edge of town in Nodine, Minnesota

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Additional Notes about this stop:
Of course, this one's my favorite from this tour. There's just something about homemade big stuff that touches my heart! Even Zippy the Pinhead agrees: http://www.zippythepinhead.com/media/MNCulvertMan.jpg  I'm so glad these pictures turned out so well. We were still using the old-fashioned camera, you know, the one with actual film, and the sun was right behind the Culvert Man. It took some work to get the angle just right so the sun was behind his head, but the pictures turned out great! He's a little difficult to find, but worth the challenge. Nodine is a tiny town south of I-90 in SE Minnesota and the Culvert Man is at the edge of town.
-- Kim

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